Marcel Gubern

Barcelona ( SPAIN )

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Marcel Gubern is a freelance photographer, specializing in underwater photography. A diver since the age of 15, a ski racing injury kept him out of the water for many years until the Cayman Islands Tourism Office in Spain sent him on assignment for a sports magazine in 1998.  Back in the ocean he began mastering the techniques of working with water and light, and since then turning his camera back to land photography has been a rarity

Marcel’s photographic work appears in books, magazines and exhibitions, and connects with his other life passion of creating a greater appreciation and understanding of the ocean, especially with the younger generations. To that end he created OCEANKIDS, a non-profit organization promoting underwater activities and ocean awareness. His hope is to reach out to tomorrow’s pioneers through the language of inspiring photos and videos, together with educational programs, and to create a better understanding of the importance of the underwater world and how it relates to all of us inhabitants of this planet


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